WordPress Query Strings Obfuscator

Obfusquer does one thing really well - it obfuscates query strings included by active themes and plugins on your single, sub-directory and/or multisite WordPress installation using your preferred key & secret.


Protect Sensitive User Data

Instantly switch visibility of phone numbers, email addresses, user ids, post/post_type ids and other internal, actionable theme/plugin specific information added to the request query string for functionality. Hide all such sensitive data from prying eyes


Prevent Scraping & Harvesting

Stop automated data scraping and harvesting from your exposed query strings immediately. No need to prettify query string arguments with complex rewrite rules and/or query variables. Simply install, activate and let it work.


Optimize for SEO

Ever wished your query strings were optimized for search engines? Wish no further! Obfusquer makes it possible as it only uses url safe characters in the obfusquerified format so your existing infrastructure configurations continue to work as is before Obfusquer was installed.